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TOP232-234-TOP232-234 TOPSwitch?-FX Family Design Flexible, EcoSmart?, Integrated Off-line Switcher

TOPSwitch®-FX Family
Design Flexible, EcoSmart®, Integrated Off-line Switcher

Product Highlights
Lower System Cost, High Design Flexibility
• Features eliminate or reduce cost of external components
• Fully integrated soft-start for minimum stress/overshoot
• Externally settable accurate current limit
• Wider duty cycle for more power, smaller input capacitor
• Line under-voltage (UV) detection: no turn off glitches
• Line over-voltage (OV) shutdown extends line surge limit
• Line feed forward with maximum duty cycle (DCMAX)
reduction rejects ripple and limits DCMAX at high line
• Single resistor sets OV/UV thresholds, DCMAX reduction
• Frequency jittering reduces EMI and EMI filtering costs
• Regulates to zero load without dummy loading
• 130 kHz frequency reduces transformer/power supply size
• Half frequency option for video applications
• Hysteretic thermal shutdown for automatic recovery
• Large thermal hysterisis prevents PC board overheating
• Standard packages with omitted pins for large creepage
• Active-on and active-off remote ON/OFF capability
• Synchronizable to a lower frequency
EcoSmart - Energy Efficient
• Cycle skipping reduces no-load consumption
• Reduced consumption in remote off mode
• Half frequency option for high efficiency standby
• Allows shutdown/wake-up via LAN/input port

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