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MC68HC05D9-MC68HC05D9,High-density complementary, metal oxide semiconductor, (HCMOS) microcontroller unit

General description
The MC68HC05D9, with 16K bytes of masked ROM, is a member of the Motorola M68HC05 family of advanced HCMOS 8-bit single chip microcomputers. Based around the industry standard M68HC05 CPU core and its familiar, efficient instruction set, this device includes five 6-bit pulse width modulation (PWM) channels, a serial communications interface (SCI), computer operating properly (COP) watchdog timer, high current output port capable of driving LEDs and a 16-bit timer with input capture and output compare.
Devices similar to the MC68HC05D9 are descibed in a set of appendices at the back of this book.

MC68HC05D24 A 24K bytes of ROM
MC68HC05D32 B 32K bytes of user
MC68HC705D32 C 32K bytes of EPROM

• 15920 bytes of masked User ROM (plus 10 bytes for User vectors) on the MC68HC05D9
– or 24112 bytes of masked User ROM (plus 10 bytes for vectors) on the MC68HC05D24
– or 32304 bytes of masked User ROM (plus 10 bytes for vectors) on the MC68HC05D32
– or 32304 bytes of User EPROM (plus 10 bytes for vectors) on the MC68HC705D32
• 239 bytes of self-check ROM (including self-check vectors) on the three mask-programmable ROM devices; 239 bytes of bootloader ROM (including bootloader vectors) on the MC68HC705D32
• 352 bytes of RAM
• Memory-mapped I/O
• 31 bidirectional I/O Lines
• Fully static operation
• On-chip oscillator with crystal/ceramic resonator
• 16-bit capture/compare timer sub-system
• Five 6-bit pulse width modulation channels operating at 30 kHz
• High current LED drive output port (port B)
• Asynchronous serial communications interface (SCI) system
• Power saving STOP, WAIT and data-retention modes
• Single 3.0 to 5.5 Volt supply (2 Volt data retention mode)
• Computer operating properly (COP) watchdog timer with clock monitor
• Software programmable external interrupt sensitivity

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