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COP87L40CJ/COP87L42CJ-COP87L40CJ/COP87L42CJ,One-Time Programmable (OTP) Microcontrollers with Multi-Input Wake-Up and Brown Out Detector

General Description
The COP87L40CJ/COP87L42CJ are members of the COP8TM 8-bit OTP microcontroller family. It is pin and software compatible to the mask ROM COP840CJ/COP842CJ product family. They are fully static parts, fabricated using double-metal silicon gate microCMOS technology. Features include an 8-bit memory mapped architecture, MICROWIRE/PLUSTM serial I/O, a 16-bit timer/counter with capture register, a multi-sourced interrupt, Comparator, WATCHDOGTM Timer, Modulator/Timer and Multi-Input Wakeup. Each I/O pin has software selectable options to adapt the device to the specific application. The device operates over a voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V. High throughput is achieved with an efficient, regular instruction set operating at a 1 ms per instruction rate.
The equivalent mask programmable device contains the Brown Out detection feature. This feature is not supported on these OTP devices.
Key Features
Y Multi-Input Wakeup (on the 8-bit Port L)
Y Analog comparator
Y Modulator/Timer (high speed PWM timer for IR transmission)
Y 16-bit multi-function timer supporting
Ð PWM mode
Ð External event counter mode
Ð Input capture mode
Y Integrated capacitor for the R/C oscillator
Y 1 kbyte on-board EPROM with security features
Y 128 bytes on-chip RAM
I/O Features
Y Memory mapped I/O
Y Software selectable I/O options (TRI-STATEÉ, Push-Pull, Weak Pull-Up Input, High Impedance Input)
Y High current outputs (8 pins)
Y Schmitt trigger inputs on Port G
Y Packages:
Ð 20 DIP/SO with 16 I/O pins
Ð 28 DIP/SO with 24 I/O pins
CPU/Instruction Set Features
Y 1 ms instruction cycle time
Y Three multi-source interrupts servicing
Ð External interrupt with selectable edge
Ð Timer interrupt
Ð Software interrupt
Y Versatile and easy to use instruction set
Y 8-bit stack pointer (SP)Ðstack in RAM
Y Two 8-bit Register Indirect Data Memory Pointers (B and X)
Fully Static CMOS
Y Low current drain (typically k1 mA)
Y Single supply operation: 2.7V to 5.5V
Y Temperature range: b40§C to a85§C
Development Support
Y Emulation device for the COP840CJ/COP842CJ
Y Real time emulation and full program debug offered by MetaLink Development Systems

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